A new season - a new programme - new photographs

The camera club reconvened after a very successful and eventful summer. A much acclaimed exhibition of the restoration of Coldharbour Mill was followed by a display of members’ work at the Wellington Flower Show. In between there were a range of outings to Slimbridge, Portland, the Somerset Levels and to Camden Market in London. This varied programme enabled members to stay in touch during the break and perhaps prepare some new images for the forthcoming season.
Indeed, there is plenty in the new programme to interest both regular members and anyone else who might have an interest in photography but who is not yet a member of this very popular club which meets every Wednesday in the science block of Wellington School.
The first week back offered the opportunity of members to show some of their summer work. Mike Barrow offered shots of the unusual rock formations at Portwinkle, the re-enactors at the Avalon Centre and the Cornish Man Engine. But the shot that brought the biggest laughs was of ‘Charles and Camilla’ taking part in the annual raft race on the Culm.
Mike Bevan provided a mixture of natural history, cityscapes and motor sports. Distorted images of mirrored building walls at New Station, Birmingham showed just how fascinating photography can be in recording the surreal effects created by certain types of architecture. Mike’s talk included evidence that he is willing to try out different camera skills such as panning, use of a long lens and HDR effects. His summer highlight was capturing an image of a kingfisher but as always there is a better shot still to get of this elusive bird – one with a fish in its mouth. That’s another challenge lined up.
Peter Elliston showed his attempt to master masking techniques using Photoshop and Topaz Remask in order to improve images and also build up composite pictures. Diane Rowe provided shots of the club’s recent trip to London and the bizarre things and unusual people you can find in Camden Market.