25th January 2017 - Portrait competition

The two most recent meeting of the camera club saw presentations of images in very different ways. The first was a viewing of the Western Counties Photographic Federation’s entries for their audio-visual competition. This is an area that Wellington camera club is considering as a possible addition to its programme of activities so it was extremely useful to see what is possible by mixing still images with a sound track or commentary. There were some interesting sequences of foreign lands, the wilds of Dartmoor and documentaries of Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’ as well as one stunning interpretation of the life of Van Gogh using only the images of sunflowers.
The second meeting was a presentation of work by club members for the latest in-house competition. The judge was John Tilsley from the Dorchester camera club. John is a regular visitor and an extremely experienced photographer with a very sharp eye for what makes a picture work or how it can be improved. The theme this month was ‘Portrait’ and there was also an Open print competition. Basically John suggested that a good portrait should tell the story of the subject and also show how the photographer had brought that story out. There were 43 entries in this section – one of the club’s largest.
The results were:1st Peter Elliston for 'Three amigos' - three dodgy characters in a cafe.
2nd Maurice Sadler for 'Woman with auburn hair' - a delightful study of his wife
3rd Peter Elliston for 'With Grandad' - a study of a proud grandfather and his granddaughter.
Highly Commended went to Jak Lister for 'Portrait 17';Ian Coles for 'Katie 3' and Derek Carpenter for 'Lady in a hat'. Also held back were prints by Ted Jackson-Smith, Frank Colebrooke Maurice Sadlerand Ron Burnell.
The Open section results were:1st Rachel Carter for 'High key Gentoo Penguin' - a great shot of a single penguin caught at a jaunty angle
2nd Paul Carter for 'Peleton' - which captured the power and speed of the cycling pack
3rd Diane Rowe for 'Orchis Mascula' - a super well-balanced study that the judge found very pleasing.
Highly Commended went to Paul Carter for 'It’s going to be rough’ and Nick Farnham for 'Skytour' a first drone shot for the club in competitions and 'Umbrella'. Also held back were prints by Rachel Carter (3); and Paul Carter.