18th October 2017 - South Devon Salon and much more

The last two meetings of the camera club have provided members with so much creative photography that will have given plenty of inspiration to go out and find some eye-catching images.
The first was a viewing of the 2017 South Devon Salon. Here members viewed some of the accepted images from this year’s exhibition including some mind-boggling creations in the latest trend – ‘Creative Photography’ where the only barrier is a lack of imagination. It was also good to know that two club members, Rachel Carter and Peter Elliston had acceptances in this salon showing that the club can hold its own in meeting exhibition standards.
The second meeting was a mixture of highly entertaining and unusual photography. Jon Peters presented images that he had created as part of his Advanced Diploma in Photography during last year. His project 'Abstract Elements of the Urban Environment' presented some startling and thought-provoking mono images which had their origin in family holiday shots and the work of four eminent photographers who all found different ways of presenting reality. Jon's images taken locally were great examples of how the eye of the photographer is more important than having an expensive camera. If you really look hard there are images everywhere that are worth taking. Perhaps Jon's shot of a cigarette butt enlarged on a two metre print showed this best of all and would have not been out of place in any London gallery.
David Noton's dvd 'RAW' was then shown with some useful tips on filters, infra-red photography and how to use a hyperfocal distance chart.
Wellington Camera Club is certainly a good group to join if you are interested in photography because there is always a varied programme and you are welcome whether you are a beginner or more experienced. You can view the club website at