22nd November 2017 - Judges and 'Red white and blue'

Photographic judging has been the main feature of the club’s two most recent meetings. In the first John Tilsley presented his talk ‘Judging demystified’ in which he explained how all judging is subjective. This was all too clear when after asking club members to judge a set of twelve images every single one came out in someone’s top three! His main advice was to keep images simple, look for the unusual, use light, odd numbers of things work best, use the crop tool to effect and try the RAW setting if you don’t already use it.
So, in the second meeting which featured the monthly competition it was interesting to see if any of John’s advice had been followed. The theme for this digital competition was ‘Red, white and blue’. The judge was Laura Pearce from Yeovil. Laura gave a detailed and helpful critique of our images showing that she had looked at them very carefully. She applauded the theme title as a good topic for a photo competition offering scope for creativity. She also made an important point about looking out for dust spots in final images and to go back after a couple of days to review images when things you may have missed became more obvious.
Theme section ‘Red, white and blue' results - from 32 images
1st Polly Knowles for Nets, chairs and louvre doors' and also 2nd for 'Reflections and ripples' 3rd Paul Carter for 'No parking'
Highly commended went to Frank Colebrooke for 'French flags’, Debbie Ludgate for 'Portland Bill Lighthouse’, Peter Elliston for 'Mr Punch takes a break' and Nick Farnham for 'Head of State'.
Also held back were images from Paul Carter and Jak Lister (2)
Open section - from 26 images
1st Jon Peters for 'Ready for harvest'
2nd Diane Rowe for 'Orchid'
3rd. Ayhan Ozberk for 'Fairy Forest'
Highly commended went to Frank Colebrooke for 'Solar landscaping’, Diane Rowe for 'Should have gone to Specsavers', Mike Bevan for 'Thundercat', Peter Elliston for 'Into the home straight'.
Also held back were images from Tony Drew, Mike Barrow and Lloyd Green