6th December 2017 - The pleasures of photography

The pleasures that can be gained from photography were much in evidence in the club’s recent visits from two accomplished photographers. The first was Di Wilkins from Exeter whose talk was titled 'My kind of photography'. By the end of the evening we knew just what that was - 'everything'! This was one talented photographer who could turn her lens on anything and produce startlingly good im-ages. Flowers, wildlife, travel, portraits, dance, still life - the images kept on coming so much so that it was quite a breath-taking experience. Di had recently been awarded her ARPS and you could see why such was the quality of her work. It was also interesting to see how within the small group that she operates in how the constant seeking of different venues and alternative subject matter enables her to create and produce images which are really different. Her series of 'vanitas' pictures with the painstak-ing construction of items within a box to reflect an idea or a life was something that was a step on from traditional still life. She finished with a fascinating collection if dance images where movement and colour dazzled as did her recreation of Jack Vettriano scenes on Exmouth beach.
The next meeting was a talk from John Summerhill who has visited us several times to show us his images from his travels in the Far East. John's dry humour entertained us with a wide range of pic-tures from Laos and Cambodia both of which provide opportunities to see many temples, houses on stilts and not least the opportunities to try the local cuisine of roasted rat, crunchy frog, dried tarantula and aged eggs. What's not to like? Perhaps most interesting were John's final images from the Angkor temples where the trees have completely taken over the buildings over time. It's always interesting to see the lifestyle and culture of different nations and John's images provided much food for thought - though probably we can all live without the images of roasted rat.