Summer Events

Whoo hoo, time to start planning our summer activities! At the AGM last night the following were suggested:

Bristol by rail and ferry to photograph at the murals along Quay St. and the 'Banksy walk'.
A walk on the Quantocks.
Abbotsbury for the swans.
A picnic in Wellington Park. Bring food (and dogs, apparently!)
Wells Cathedral and other places of interest there.
A walk around Wellington, guided by a local historian.
Andrew also mentioned the next run of the vintage bus, check with him for details.

No date or details as yet but keep checking back here in the News section.

Any other suggestions to Peter T or Polly please.

Anyone interested in some 'sports' photography (surfing, jetski, thundercat racing, MX, polo, whippet racing[!!] ), have a word with Paul or Rachel.