Alex Wolfe-Warman: Street, travel and landscape photographer

Last night's speaker was Alex Wolfe-Warman, a professional photographer from Weston super mare. Alex took us through 25 years of his photography featuring both commercial and private work. His style was often experimental using cross-processing and full frame images without any cropping. His work had frequently gained many awards especially from Fuji film and appeared on the front covers of many magazines. His use of a ring flash was also seen to good effect in many very close-up portraits. Not smiling was his golden rule for portrait work but we were allowed this privilege when he took a group photo of us at the end on his trusted Fuji X100 F!
Alex's work also included extracts from his book on Weston super mare and documentaries on the town's scooter rally and Dismaland. But whilst Alex's talk was principally about people in images - often from his travels around the world as well as locally - he now is embarking on a street photography project which doesn't feature any people at all. When he has completed that, it would be very good to see it.