Battle with Chard

It was battle night with a neighbouring club - this week Chard. A good number of Chard members attended and provided us with a stiff challenge. The judge, Deborah Armour had to assess and score 50 quality images. Despite announcing that she would have to be more critical for a battle than in a normal competition, she did in fact award marks within the fairly small range of 14-20 which was far pleasanter to live with. In the end the result was a pretty decisive win for Wellington with 429 points against Chard's 417. Probably the difference was the number of held back entries for each team. Wellington had 9 held back with four images scoring the top marks of 20. Chard had 6 held back with one scoring 20. A full list of these images and their individual scores can be viewed on the club's website. And many thanks to all who provided refreshments - which also got top marks from the judge.