WCPF Members' Exhibition: Mono & Creative Sections Reviewed

Last night was a very interesting evening - for various reasons! Another good attendance and a good chance to catch up with members.

We were shown another couple of sections from the WCPF exhibition, Monochrome by Steve W and Creative by Peter E, our mikes were open so that we could all talk (sometimes all at the same time!!) In Steve's introduction to the mono section, he commented that he didn't think many of the images were up to the standard of W&DCC's entries into our last 2 mono competitions. As we chipped in with our comments, as always it became clear that we didn't all think the same images were worthy of merit, and some types of image appealed to some of us more than others, (it became clear that Steve didn't like pattern type images!!)

We discussed/pondered why some of the images had been made mono - again plenty of fodder for 'discussion'. The degree of 'post production' enhancement that was deemed optimum by the author was another area in which we didn't all agree - to much? too bright? too low key? too flat? too contrasty? etc etc. So many areas for us to disagree on!!

Then the 'Creative' images were subjected to the same treatment! Peter gave us some pointers to things we should look out for that helped to make the image successful or not. Some obviously very clever but sometimes the 'story' was not clear, some seemed a little 'clunky', and many seemed 'formulaic'. This type of image divides the camp into two, those that can appreciate the images and some that can't.

One of the reasons that critiquing images so difficult, it's a matter of opinion!! And we didin't all have the same opinion which made for an interesting and fun evening!