Steve and Barbara Wilcox: 'Three Tog Off To The Lakes'

It was lovely to see so many of you last night, I for one have really missed our get-togethers, all the more important in these scary times.

Last night we had a wonderful talk by our member Steve Wilcox with some breath-taking images, and I thought taking landscape photographs was easy!!

I was exhausted, the miles we all trekked last night in the Lake District!! Steve and Barbara must be very fit to lug all their equipment, lenses, tripods etc up all those hills!! We learnt that producing stunning landscape images is a long way from opening the car window and pressing the shutter button occasionally!! We also got an insight into how Steve produced them, seldom have the words 'bracketing' and 'stacking' and 'stitching' occurred to often in a talk!! It certainly opened my eyes and I for one will be experimenting a bit more with bracketing. However, I won't be climbing up mountains like they did so I won't expect to achieve the results they do.

Steve did make a point that is very valid, I feel, particularly at this time when we possibly have more time on our hands. There is always more to learn!! I think most of us will have learnt something from his talk - I'm going to investigate 'luminosity masks'!! - (whatever they are!!). You tube is always a great source of info, whatever you are looking for!

Thank you, Steve for sharing your images with us and giving some valuable tips.