February Competition

We had a really good Competition last night and the theme of "Happiness" was just what we needed in these sometimes bleak times! I really good bit of 'seeing into the future' on Steve W's part!!

Peter E further discussed the possibility of setting up critique group(s). Although I mentioned it last week, we didn't get much response! We need people from all levels of ability and experience to join the scheme, so perhaps some of the more experienced would like to offer some 'words of wisdom' (advice) to others. It is amazing what another pair of eyes will see in an image that the photographer had not seen. Please contact me or Peter E if you would be able to join a group. It involves submitting 2/3 images monthly by email and commenting on the others in the group, not more than 6 people. It really only works if there is complete participation and no one ducks out for a few months!! - receive and give constructive comments and criticism.

Our Judge last night was Sara Harpley from Portland. In my opinion, she proved to be an excellent judge who had thought hard about the images she had to judge and gave some helpful hints to improve them - unusually she was not in favour of cropping!!. For once, natural history wasn't so popular with her. She often commented on what a hard job it had been to pick winners. We saw many amazing images, the standard is so high in our club now; everyone has certainly 'upped their game'. I found myself agreeing with most of her comments.

So well done to everyone!