Malcolm Hupman: Where I photograph wildlife in the UK

Last night must have been a near record - we had 40 attendees from at least 4 Clubs!

We were treated to one of the best prepared and professional talks we have ever had - Malcolm Hupman from Corby who talked to us on 'Where I photograph wildlife in the UK'. Quite apart from the photographs, he showed us, in detail, maps and descriptions of the sites that he goes to; in the first half it was near him, the second half was further afield. It is a shame that most places were some distance from us, but must have provided a wealth of information for anyone wanting to travel.

Then we come to the photography!! I lost count of how many different species of British birds we saw, may of which I'd never even heard of!! The photos were stunning, their clarity, content and variety amazing. It was unusual that alongside each image Malcolm shared his camera settings, equipment used, date taken and the location. The camera setting were very interesting and promoted some discussion during which Malcolm was able to share his experience that has led his use of settings - namely auto ISO was much discussed.

A very informative talk!!