WDCC online critique group

If you would like to join a WDCC online critique group this is how it works and what your part would be in it.

• The purpose of the critique group is to give mutual support to club members by encouraging them to improve their photography. This is done by offering helpful and constructive comments and suggestions about images that critique group members submit.
• Each critique group will consist of no more than 6 club members who will individually submit to their group at least one image but no more than three per month.
• The images that are submitted should be new images or at least images that have not been seen before at the club. One of the purposes of the group is to help members improve images before they are submitted for competition.
• Each critique group member offers a critical response to the images submitted and copies everyone in on their responses. In that way, everyone sees everyone else’s critiques and can in fact respond to these too in their own critique.
• The critiques should mainly focus on technical aspects of the images but can also comment on the pictorial and overall impact of the images. It is perfectly acceptable to say what you don’t like about an image as it is to say what you do like. There is no point in offering an image for critique if you expect everyone to like every image! But clearly, as a friendly camera club, we want people to get along with each other!
• Each critique cycle operates within each month. So, it is best if images are submitted early in the month with perhaps a cut-off date around the 8th so that people know when they have received everyone’s images. Equally, feedback must be done on all images by the end of that month.
• Critique group members should submit images of competition size by a group email
And maybe offer a short explanation about their image(s) such as what they were trying to achieve with it or where it was taken and possibly some technical details if they feel that will help others in their critiques.
• There is no theme for the monthly critique images – it is completely open.
• The critique group is self-running. No one is in charge of it, but everyone knows who the group members are and so can know who will be submitting images.
• It is possible that some months for a variety of reasons that a critique group member may not have a new image to submit. In that case they should let the others in the group know this but should also continue to submit their critiques of the other members’ images. It is also possible for the group to decide that for one month they may all take a break from the critique group.
• The critique group images are not a competition and is distinct from the club’s themed competitions but it is always fascinating to see some of them come up in later club competitions and to witness their progress.