Paula and Guy Davies: 'Double Exposure 2'

Last night we were delighted to welcome 38 people to the first 'guest speaker' meeting of the season, including members of Tiverton and Dulverton Camera Clubs.

Our talk was from Paula and Guy Davies from North Yorkshire, who showed us a variety of images from around Britain.

Guy started off and shared his fascination with staircase with us! Some beautiful staircases taken from ideal angles and taken when someone appeared in the frame in an ideal position, made all the difference to the images. He also showed us coastal images from many different locations, shots of architecture, London at night etc. He also talked about a photoshop technique that was new to me - an invert adjustment layer, used either with colour or luminosity blend modes - a little experimentation no doubt would bring other effects.

Then Paula took over and showed us her images, although taken at the same places as Guy's, showed her take on the subjects. She also showed us what she had learnt and had kept her busy during lockdown. She said she had a butterfly brain and flits from one thing to another! Strangely, the things she tried and learnt were very similar to the ones I have learnt/tried during this time! And I have often been told that I have a butterfly brain!!

She talked about a website - Blipfoto - which is where members are encouraged to post an image a day. Several attendees are also members of this - more info at

She also mentioned a technique started by Pep Ventusa which bears his name. Lots of info and examples on his website and loads of info on the technique available on internet.

They are both Permajet ambassadors and Paula recommended a downloadable pdf booklet about Paper choice. It is available on the Permajet website, under News and Events and the download button is clearly visible. She gave us a code APP7025, which gives free delivery when quoted on ordering.