A Bit of Fun!!

Last night was 'a bit of fun!!'

We all had a great evening! Peter E must have spent ages compiling the ten picture (and music) rounds that made up his quiz. It covered a wide range of topics and it became obvious that some of us had a great knowledge of some 'niche' subjects and some had little knowledge of some of the subjects - Viv knows lots about Dr Who, I know nothing about musicals.

Huge thanks to Peter for compiling and overseeing the quiz which kept us all entertained. Many cries of 'oh I know that but can't remember', 'I only got two right in that round', and the occasional cry of 'oooh, I got all of them' were heard!!! It wasn't about winning (although the Carters seemed to do rather too well!!); it was the taking part. Well I would say that cos I was a long way off winning!!

There was a great display of Christmas outfits, Father Christmas beards and strange hats etc. Max's hat was a wonderful vintage piece, but I didn't hear where it originated from or what it was. Some had made an origami decoration and many were celebrating the festive season with a glass of something 'nice'!!

There were a couple of notices, - remember to do your subs and send off the menus and money for the Christmas dinner.

Peter T rounded the evening off by wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and hoping we all managed to 'Stay Safe and Well'.

A great evening - thanks to everyone who attended and entered into the spirit of the evening.

I echo Peter T's greeting to you all and wish you A Very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you 'on the other side'!

Very best wishes and thank you all for putting up with me and my errors over the past year!!