Photo Challenge #3: Intentional Camera Movement

Last night was one of our ever popular 'Challenges' which was quite a challenge to some of us!! Eleven people showed their images.

A very wide range of subjects (and possibly a wide range in the degree of success!!) were shown. There were a fair few 'whizzy trees'!! Some of which were absolutely stunning and would not have been out of place reproduced for Ikea or in an exhibition. But there were many other subjects featured, which only goes to show that the technique can be applied to a wide range of subjects - flowers, people, landscapes, church windows; even Father Brown!! (you had to be there!!)

A range of techniques were also shown and although most of us were floundering somewhat, Debbie bravely joined us barely 24 hours after a cataract op and she is quite an expert on the subject and added greatly to the evening by sharing techniques etc. Many thanks Debbie.

A great evening and thanks to everyone who contributed images and talked about them and made it such a friendly and informative evening (and I apologise for stretching the brief (not to say cheating!!). For those who weren't there - I had wanted to do an ICM image showing sky, sea and the beach - similar to the ones Debbie showed - with no chance of doing that I showed one that I had processed entirely in camera!!