Sharon and Rob Prenton Jones: 'The Prenton Jones at Home'.

Last night's talk was a very professional presentation by the Prenton Joneses, a pair of photographers from North Wales, each with a string of awards and distinctions.

Sharon and Rob showed us some of their images and how they had made them, illustrated with pre-recorded videos. This meant that any techy glitches had been ironed out and the whole presentation ran smoothly. It was not a format I was familiar with but I thought it worked exceedingly well; they have an informal presentation style and talked live before and after the pre recorded videos. Rob showed us how he lit his studio shots and gave us many tips for making composites, how to match perspective, eye level and other technicalities, which can mean a good composite becomes a great one. He also demonstrated his 'black on black' method of making a composite, and many other tips which I'm sure anyone interested in combining images will find useful.

Sharon took over for the second half, talking us through how she combines images and again giving many tips: how to make mist, how to colour match elements of a composite etc. Her images are amazing - she showed us a panel at the beginning of the presentation - wow!!

Their website is well worth looking at with many examples of their work. The link is: Home - Prenton Jones Photography

Rob offers a one to one tutorial over zoom, which seems reasonably priced for a whole day, which he promoted during the talk. They also offered to help anyone who had a query, free of charge, if anyone contacts them through the website or by email, a very kind and useful offer.

I just hope I remember some of the tips give - I took the precaution of making some notes!! I just hope they make sense in months to come!