Printing and mounting

The next meeting was a review of some of the steps photographers can take to create good prints and then mount them - either for personal use or for photo competitions. This was led by Paul Carter and Peter Elliston

The evening was could pitched so that it was suitable for those with very little knowledge of printing or those who wanted to expand their knowledge and at the same time try not to be too technical. If members could leave feeling that they had heard about something new in relation to how they printed or could go away and investigate their own printing systems, then the evening would be successful.

Paul had prepared a series of screen shots to illustrate how to calibrate a computer monitor so that colours are displayed correctly. This was followed by input on printer settings which was followed up by a section on why choosing different papers are suitable for different images.

After the break Frank Colebrooke provided some visual entertainment by showing us something completely different - inkjet printed scarves modelled by Diane Rowe and Rachel Carter

Then followed a demonstration on how to mount a print using the Longridge system.