Duncan and Debbie Armour: 'Kusafiri'

If you thought you had seen everything there is to see about images taken on safari, then last night's presentation will have changed all that. Yes, there were pictures of the top five animals that photographers go for on safari but this was a very different way of photographing them. Interspersed with atmospheric video clips, we were presented with a host of stunning images which Duncan explained they had also added a creative/artistic element. So we had plenty of mono shots of migrating wildebeests crashing across rivers, images of parts of animals and landscapes which emphasised shapes, patterns and light.

This was an excellent talk with many memorable images especially those taken from within a hide. However, should you be inclined to try this, you'd have to be prepared to stay up all night, remain perfectly silent and wear blackout clothing that would make you look like a member of the SAS. Duncan and Debbie's images showed that this might be well worth it.

If you wanted to see nature in the raw, this was also present with sequences of lions, cheetahs, wild dogs and vultures hunting or scavenging. Add to this some amazing shots of the many colourful birds Duncan and Debbie had found on their travels plus interactions with gorillas and chimpanzees meant that we had the full package of how safari photography could be both educational and creative.