Gary Holpin: My journey into photography

Last night's presentation was from Gary Holpin who hails from Honiton. This was Gary's first ever club talk entitled 'My journey into photography' and he did a very good job presenting an integrated presentation of great landscape images with audio visual clips explaining how he got into photography. This he did the hard way - by walking 630 miles of the South West Coast Path and the equivalent of climbing Everest four times. this journey on and off over a course of two years started at Minehead and ended at Poole harbour and initially many blisters! Gary's images showed crisp atmospheric landscapes with interesting sky and cloud formations - not surprising given his background run meteorology.

Gary showed considerable knowledge of then places he encountered on his walk including how the formation of the coastguard to combat smuggling in the South West was the basis behind the coastal paths that exist to this day.

Landscape photographers are known for their willingness to get up early or stay up late to get the best shots but Gary was also prepared to go out in all weathers as his video clips of his endeavours during the Beast from the East showed. Madness you might think but it was the pull of the landscape that made him do it and notwithstanding that he has completed the whole walk once - he later did it again only this time in reverse!!

You can view Gary's work at