Lea Tippett: Foveon Landscapes

Tonight's meeting was a presentation from Lea Tippett entitled 'Foveon Landscapes'.

Lea is an ambassador for Sigma and his images were taken using Sigma cameras which employ a Foveon sensor. This helps create very vibrant colours which Lea illustrated with a wide range of dramatic landscape shots. Lea clearly had a good eye for what makes an effective landscape composition. His style favoured dramatic skies, misty seas and rivers, sunsets and sunrises from locations such as the rugged Cornish cliffs and beaches to the highlands of Scotland.

Foveon sensors certainly create bold colours and yet there were also images where less appeared to be more especially in an image from Lake Windermere where there was hardly anything in the frame save for a misty boat in the distance amidst an expanse of shades of blue. Shooting in a predominantly square format, Lea had no hesitation in placing aspects of his images dead central and ignoring the rule of thirds.

This was certainly a different kind of landscape photography and whilst not everyone will go for this kind of effect, it certainly gave food for thought and the talk also provided useful information about places to visit to get interesting landscape images - providing you are prepared to get up early and often join the queue of other photographers at the same spot!