Portrait evening

Our second meeting was the annual Portrait evening at the Wellington Junior School.
We were also very pleased to welcome some very accommodating models. Four were from the Wellington drama group Genesis - Jamie Baldwin, Tom Barrett, Fiore Newland and Daisy Holloway. We were also joined by Lizzie Lane and Debbie Ludgate. Ron Burnell gave a very useful introductory talk on portrait photography and then we were off! All of the models gradually relaxed into the sessions and alternated around the different sets. Andrew Bosier’s prop box came into its own with the youngsters who enjoyed blowing bubbles and playing in a band with blow-up instruments.

All in all it was a very enjoyable session and hopefully we will all have some images we can use and share.

The Genesis group are preparing for a show to be held at the Arts Centre in the summer from 21st June-23rd June.