Richard Sercombe: A passion for taking images

This talk from Richard Sercombe and this was probably one of the best talks and presentations we have had. Richard is a great photographer with a passion for taking images at night and in difficult circumstances such as in the pouring rain. He has travelled widely and produced his own photographic guide books. His passion for his images and his ability to explain what he was looking held us spellbound for the evening and in fact we had to stop him as time was going on and I have no doubt he had many more images to show us. Richard also showed how he manipulated his images in Photoshop, demonstrated some of his tripod equipment and offered suggestions on how to turn even the most mundane street or shopping centre into a work of photographic beauty. Shooting with a low ISO of only 100 and with long exposure times, Richard's night shots were incredibly sharp and free of noise. He was also extremely creative as his composite shots of the Northern Lights showed.