Portrait Evening

This was the club’s annual portrait evening held at Wellington Junior School. As usual the hall was divided into four lighting areas so that members could move between them and get a chance to photograph all of the models.

This year the club was fortunate to have a large number of willing participants who didn’t mind getting in front of the camera. We were joined by four of the cast of the Genesis Youth Group who kindly took time out from their rehearsal of their forthcoming show ’66 UR 50!’ which they will be staging at Wellington Arts Centre from the 1st-3rd December.

Adele, Georgia, Lauren and Lucy aided by mum Alice Cribbon, jumped and twirled so that we could try to catch some movement shots and pretty gymnastic they were too!
Somewhat more sedate but equally patient were Daphne Hilsdon and Steve Tapsfield who appeared in costumes that were centuries apart.

And then there were Mimi and Alan. Some years ago Alan had come to our portrait evening with a foot-high red Mohican hairstyle. So this was a return visit but the Mohican was not evidence this time. However, he brought with him Mimi – a young lady whose make-up, hairstyle and general appearance can only be described as startling! These two delightful people posed and changed costumes throughout the evening and hundreds of images were taken.
This was another great evening demonstrating the varied nature of the camera club programme.