Around the world with photo club members

The New Year brought with it the opportunity for club members to take the floor and entertain us with their photographic skills and journeys and they did not disappoint. Five different speakers volunteered to deliver short talks on where their photography had taken them and indeed this often proved to be all over the world.

First up was Andy Howson, a flight engineer with a well-known airline and holiday company. His recent work took him to Lapland where temperatures of minus 14 are common and often thought of as quite mild! From his position on the flight deck we got to see some fantastic images of the approach to a very short runway way surrounded by vast stretches of snow and ice.

Next up was Mike Bevan who took us down under to a completely opposite climate with shots from Brisbane and other Australian destinations where he once lived. Here we saw roads that went on for ever and long sandy beaches as well as some local wildlife including a less than friendly python that took residence in his house.

Peter Mylchreest, a new member, then introduced himself with an explanation of his photographic past and a presentation of his excellent landscapes. Describing himself as a ‘slow photographer’, taking pleasure in coming back from a workshop with maybe only one great image, he also put forward ways in which the club would benefit from considering various audio-visual projects to support the club’s existing programme.

Maureen Sable is another well-travelled club member and as well as showing some of her images she presented the results of several of her travels in the creation of photobooks and described how in making them they had led her to greater experimentation with post processing techniques.

Finally, Nick Farnham took us back across the world to a place he frequently visits – Bermuda, the UK’s oldest surviving colony. Here we saw Bermuda’s pastel-coloured houses, it wildlife and its crystal clear waters where Nick experimented with an underwater camera.

This was a great start to the new year as it showed how much enjoyment can be obtained from photography as you travel the world.