Tick Tock

Tick Tock. So began Ken Scott’s presentation ‘The Atlantic to the Mediterranean’ – a hike across the Pyrenees with his friend Wayne in 2011 - a journey of 500 miles in 50 days and spartan living conditions. This both a photographic essay of their experience and the realisation of a dream. Two years in the planning, this was one of Ken’s ambitions and a ticking clock reminded us all that if we have dreams then time waits for no man and we had better get on with it.

Ken’s superbly constructed and delivered talk included a host of breath-taking landscapes where his motto of ‘touching the light’ was much in evidence. But he was also keen to point out that this was not a photographic trip –it was a mountain exploration in which the pictures came from the day to day experiences. Stressing that he saw himself as a responsive photographer rather than one who prepares for the expected shot, Ken’s work included those strokes of luck that can only be captured if you are actually ready able to use a camera quickly. As a result he never uses a tripod and carries extremely lightweight camera equipment. And so, whilst there were the magnificent sunrise and sunset shots there were also many of the peculiar rolling cloud inversions which are such a feature of the Pyrenees. Perhaps most spectacular were his images of a fog rainbow and the unique hanging solitary clouds over a mountain peak.

In-between the still images there were also some beautiful audio-visual sections featuring the course of a spectacular sunrise, the wild flowers of the trip, the houses and shelters and of course the fellow-hikers they met along the way.

Ken was clearly a photographer who uses his skills to record his life experiences and he encouraged club members to hold onto their dreams because …..tick tock.