Russell (Rusty) Lindsay: Downtrodden Man

Good Morning Everyone

Last night we welcomed Russell (Rusty) Lindsay who gave a talk entitled 'Downtrodden Man' which was the title of the first image, Rusty supposedly lying on a pavement with Barbie's (his wife) very high heeled booted foot on his head!! And so the talk continued! His images were mainly 'life like' composites, which have been accepted in many national and international exhibitions and Salons.

He obviously has an amazing imagination and great ideas which he then executes making great images, which are quite believable. Sometimes it is hard to tell which are composites and which are not. I'm sure we all came away with some ideas! His website Russel Lindsay is well worth a look and many of the images that he showed us are on the site.

He has great skill as a photographer and as a digital manipulator and a great imagination!!!!