January Competition

This meeting was a presentation of work by club members for the latest in-house competition. The judge was John Tilsley from the Dorchester camera club. John is a regular visitor and an extremely experienced photographer with a very sharp eye for what makes a picture work or how it can be improved. The theme this month was ‘Portrait’ and there was also an Open print competition. Basically John suggested that a good portrait should tell the story of the subject and also show how the photographer had brought that story out. There were 43 entries in this section – one of the club’s largest.

The results were:1st Peter Elliston for 'Three amigos' - three dodgy characters in a cafe.
2nd Maurice Sadler for 'Woman with auburn hair' - a delightful study of his wife
3rd Peter Elliston for 'With Grandad' - a study of a proud grandfather and his granddaughter.

Highly Commended went to Jak Lister for 'Portrait 17'; Ian Coles for 'Katie 3' and Derek Carpenter for 'Lady in a hat'. Also held back were prints by Ted Jackson-Smith, Frank Colebrooke , Maurice Sadler and Ron Burnell.

The Open section results were:1st Rachel Carter for 'High key Gentoo Penguin' - a great shot of a single penguin caught at a jaunty angle
2nd Paul Carter for 'Peleton' - which captured the power and speed of the cycling pack
3rd Diane Rowe for 'Orchis Mascula' - a super well-balanced study that the judge found very pleasing.

Highly Commended went to Paul Carter for 'It’s going to be rough’ and Nick Farnham for 'Skytour' a first drone shot for the club in competitions and 'Umbrella'. Also held back were prints by Rachel Carter (3); and Paul Carter.