March Competition

The most recent meeting focused on the club’s competition judged by Peter Ottley. The theme was 'Monochrome' but as he remarked this was really an Open competition of monochrome images! There was also an Open competition which, as it turned out and perhaps inevitably had images all in colour! And in another reversal, the uncommon happened in that there were only 13 images in the usually much preferred Open section and 33 in the themed section.

The results were:
1st Maurice Sadler for 'Man with White Ruff' - a great portrait of Maurice's electrician who was persuaded into fancy dress from an item from Maurice's dressing up box. 2nd. Paul Carter for 'Wildebeest' - a wildlife shot of wildebeest on the move that the judge was fascinated by. 3rd. Nick Farnham for 'High tackle' - a rugby shot that could have graced the sports pages of any newspaper
Highly Commended went to Rachel Carter for 'On the prowl' and Frank Colebrooke for 'Industrial Landscape'.
Also held back by the judge were images by Polly Knowles (2), Maurice Sadler and Peter Elliston

1st Rachel Carter for 'Jaunty Gentoo' - a great almost minimalist shot of a penguin with plenty of character
2nd Maurice Sadler for 'The photographer'. 3rd. Frank Colebrooke for 'Misty Winter Sunrise' - an atmospheric landscape with some beautiful colours, mist and light
Highly Commended went to Peter Tickner for 'Dance' and Paul Carter for 'Owl Swoop'