April Competition

The most recent competition of the club was for digital images of a 'South West seascape' and Open. The judge was John Foulkes from Axminster who has judged for us several times and is a fount of stories and technical tips.

The results were:
'South West Seascapes' – 30 entries
1st Nick Farnham for 'Dawn Tide' - a beautiful shot of breaking waves at the start of the day.
2nd. Tony Drew for 'Shaped by the waves' - a mono of a sea-sculptured rock arch (taken in Malta!).
3rd Frank Colebrooke for 'Saunton Sands' - a peaceful view with good reflections and muted colours
Highly commended went to Mike Bevan for 'Chapel Porth'; Andrew Bosier for 'Bossington'; Bill Summers for 'St Martins, Isles of Scilly' and Tony Drew for 'Sidmouth Cliffs'.

Also held back were Diane Rowe 'T fan wave'; Frank Colebrooke 'Mousehole'; John Nutt 'Flatcalm'

‘Open’ – 27 entries
1st Paul Carter for 'Bowled' an all-action cricket shot with the bails flying high.
2nd. Polly Knowles for 'Three trees' - a mono landscape of shapes and lines that drew you to the trees on the horizon.
3rd Paul Carter for 'Lioness in the grass' - a majestic animal beautifully captured - photographically that is!
Highly Commended went to Rachel Carter for 'Giraffe with one-day old calf'; Paul Carter for 'Mountain hare' and Polly Knowles for 'Where's it gone'

Also held back were Polly Knowles 'Waiting for a game'; Andy Howson for 'The root of the matter'; Mike Bevan for Early Morning Colmar; and Rachel Carter for 'Puffin' and 'Bald Eagle in Flight'.