Nigel Forster: 'Natural Light in Landscape Photography'

Good Morning Everyone

Last night Nigel Forster from The Brecon Beacons (but talking to us from Italy) gave a very polished talk on 'Natural Light in Landscape Photography'. As someone who does not generally 'do' landscape photography, I didn't think that last night's talk would be for me.

WRONG!! It was filled with amazing images, from many different locations all showing incredible lighting, demonstrating the difference that different conditions can make. His take on what he does is being in the right place at the right time with the right lighting conditions - if only it were so simple! Nigel demonstrated with fantastic examples of his images, the way conditions vary in the different seasons, different times of day and in different weather conditions. He obviously put lots of effort into capturing the lighting in his chosen locations; he talked about running from one peak to another because the conditions wouldn't last more than a few minutes - hmmm , if only.

Nigel has kindly said that he will share the presentation with club members and of course I will send it out as soon as I receive it. The talk is filled with many tips and information about lighting and weather conditions, all of which offer opportunities and difficulties. I look forward being able to revisit it in the hope that some of his tips stick in my mind.

I thought it was a great presentation and I'm sure that everyone was able to learn something and benefit from it. Well done Diane for booking him, I look forward to a return visit from Nigel.

Peter E reminded us that next week, he, Paul and Andrew are showing us all the ins and outs of print mounting and asked members to bring any examples, either of good or bad mounting, or an image that they would like mounted or are seeking an opinion on its mounting. They will then help to sort out any problems. We will not be in the confines of the lecture room, so the evening will be also be a chance for us to 'mingle'!! A range of different equipment available will also be demonstrated.

Next Wednesday (close of play) is the final hand in date for the next competition - Low Light and Open. From our website - An image taken in low light i.e. any situation that has a lack of available light such that you can see only a limited amount of detail with your eyes, but it’s not completely dark. It might be at dawn/dusk, an overcast day, a shady woodland or indoors with limited lighting.

Please everyone read the rules carefully. It is likely that Rule 2 will be brought into play as it was for the September competition. This means that correct titles and numbering is even more important than in previous seasons - as I know to my cost!!. Also please note rule 6, where a 2 year extension to the usual 5 year rule has been granted.

Full instructions are on the website, please send images by email to Paul Carter, competition Secretary - This link is also contained within the competition rules for PDIs on our website.

A word (or three) from me - please do not leave it until the meeting is about to start or has already started to email me to resend the link. I cannot guarantee to be able to do this or see your email. I always send the link out at the weekend, please flag it somehow so that you don't lose it. I'm thinking of imposing a large fine for those who contact me at the last minute, then I can have a really good holiday!!