Darren Pullman: 'One a Week Every Week'


Last night we welcomed Darren Pullman from South London to the club with a talk on his project 'One a Week Every Week'. He decided to embark on a project to include one image per week (every week!!) for the years 2019 and 2020. This was agreed in 2018, started in the first week of 2019 and successfully went through the year into 2020 and then in March we all know what happened and so the focus of the images changed. He managed to keep to the schedule and showed us a wide range of images and the dates that they were taken on. I wonder how many of us have thought about doing this and fallen at the first hurdle or not even started?

Darren's imagination was amazing; he 'made' a great variety of images, he was obviously very fond of water taken with long exposures and his trusty 13 stop ND filter. But his imagination came into play during lockdown with many quirky images of the trimming from beans, of forks, mugs, plates, pens etc etc. The list was endless & I hope he has given others some ideas. I think we were all slightly worried about his obsession with dice, having purchased over 1000 of them. We also saw lots of the waterfall in his local park and numerous other places and things: London, Durdle Door, light fittings etc.

His sense of humour was also evident with some of the names that he gave to his images - too corny to repeat but good fun nonetheless!! He was also very inventive as to the way he faded one image in to the next and the way that he added the date to each image, often using the same perspective as shown in the image or some other fitting method. He certainly was very inventive and I hope he stimulated the imagination of his viewers!

A very different talk and well worth watching, another coup for Diane.

Peter T mentioned that he had been investigating a venue for our 'seasonal meal' and asked members if Villa Verde in Rockwell Green would be a suitable venue and if mid week would suit members. There were no dissenters (very handy for me!!)

Next week we are back at the school for our first print competition in over 2.5 years. 'Film Titles' and open. Hope to see you all there.