Steven Galvin: 'The Future of Photography' & 'Triptychs'


Happy New Year to all!!

Last night's meeting was a talk (well 2 talks actually) from Steven Galvin and was a little different to our normal talk. It wasn't a photographer talking about their own photographs, but 2 more factual talks, which were exceedingly well put together and also I found them to be really interesting!

In the first half, he talked about the future of Photography, current trends in the type of cameras that were becoming more popular (smart phones and mirrorless) and future developments that are on the horizon.

He also did a bit of crystal gazing when he tried to foresee the types of photography that would be popular in the coming months/years. He thought that record shots would decline and there would need to be more attachment to the subject, story telling and emotion. He made many other predictions as to what would be popular and why. Because of the huge number of great photos being taken on great phone cameras, he thought that the role of the professional photographer would change and the numbers may decline. Many of the changes in photography may be as a result of the pandemic and the change in our ways of life, and also to the changes and instant availability of smart phones and the software. He made many more predictions, too numerous to state, the facts and ideas came from him at an amazing rate!!

The second talk was about panels and triptychs. This included the history of them, how to put them together and alternative ways of assembling them and deciding where to divide one image into 3 for a triptych. He talked us through his own RPS panels, both unsuccessful and finally his successful panel. He also encouraged us to critique some panels.

I thought it was a really interesting evening!!