Alf Myers: 'Street Photography'


Last night we had a great talk from Alf Myers on Street Photography - right up my 'street' (see what I did there?!!)

There was a sticky start when technology let us down and Zoom refused to co-operate, but hopefully it was resolved satisfactorily in 15 or so minutes; I know I received loads of emails at that time!! So it ended up as somewhat of a marathon, Alf showed so many images that he didn't finish till nearly 10!!

We were shown lots of images, firstly he showed us some images from famous Street photographers from the past and up to the modern day, many familiar names but some less familiar.

But importantly, Alf gave many pointers for us to to get started, what makes a good street photograph, what is needed and many other tips. His web site is well worth looking at. He showed loads of his images and talked about what made them and why he had decided to take, process and/or crop them the way he did.

On Tuesday 21 March is our Battle over Zoom with our friends from Dulverton. They are a very small club but usually beat us hands down, we would really like to reverse the trend and need your support!! I will send the link as soon as I receive it.

On Wednesday 22 March, we have our March competition at Wellington Rugby club. Theme is High Key and/or Low key and the usual Open section, our judge is Ginny Campbell, it will be good to see everyone after having to cancel the last meeting. It seems ages since we got together.

Don't forget to bring your coffee/tea making stuff and mugs!