Lois Webb: 'China From The Inside.'


Last night we were treated to a tour round Shanghai and some other lesser known parts of the vast country of China by Lois Webb. Lois lived in China for four and a half years, giving her some opportunities for photography not available to tourists. We certainly saw some places that normally would not be accessible to tourists and very different from the China we see on the 'telly'. We saw what must have been hundreds of images, from the landscape to buildings and people shots. It is clearly the people who captivated her, and she certainly photographed them in a wonderful manner, showing them going about their daily life. Some really great 'People' shots and 'Street' shots from this fascinating country. A great evening - I thought.

It was Nick's first time of hosting a zoom meeting and he did a great job - well done Nick.

Next week we are back in Wellington Rugby Club for the first competition of the season, Flowers and Gardens and the usual Open. Hope to see you there and don't forget your cups/mugs for a cuppa!