Andrew Fusek-Peters: 'Wildlife and Landscape'.


Good Morning Everyone

Wow!!! What a talk last night! We were treated to an amazing talk from Andrew Fusek-Peters. And that's from someone who doesn't 'do' 'Nature' photography (me!) What a treat to see such fantastic images from an obviously very well known and successful wildlife photographer. On top of great images, he was also a great speaker and so enthusiastic about his subject and the images. He added plenty (but not too much) of technical details and some very amusing snippets about the way he captured the images. He told of us several techniques that he had pioneered, now copied by others. I dread to think how many hours he must have spent lying on his belly and how many images shots ended up in the recycle bin! But he showed us loads of amazing images, mainly but not exclusively, birds and butterflies.

A fantastic talk, it will go down as one of the best ever - IMHO (in my humble opinion!!).

His website is well worth a look - , with many of the images that we saw last night.

He also mentioned a workshop in North Wales (I think - I forgot to write it down!!), he can be contacted through his website or email -

Next week (October 11th) we meet at Wellington Rugby Club, and have a face to face speaker, Simon Williams, from Weston Super Mare, who will share his expertise in historical photos and cameras with his talk 'Through An Older Eye'. I think this is our first 'speaker in person' for about 3.5years!!