October Competition

Good Morning Everyone

Last night was our second competition of the season and it was good to see so many people had come along for the 'fun'!! The Themed section was Abstract, which was always going to be interesting! I think most of us thought long and hard about what is an abstract photograph! Laura Pearce from Yeovil was our judge and she had obviously also done just that! She gave a detailed critique and judgement on all the images. I found it really interesting to see how Laura and the entrants had interpreted the topic and the wide variety of images that were submitted. Interestingly, and may be it was a sign that the subject had captured the interest of members, there were more entries into the themed than the open section of the competition. It was also really nice that there was time for members to share a brief chat at 'half time'.

The 'Open 'section also provided a wide range of subjects - with 'People' images taking the top 5 places, 'flowers' the next 3 and 'wildlife ' the last 2 placed images. It was also good to see some of the newer members entering and getting featured in the held back images. Also it was good to welcome some who people who are about to join, including 2 former members form some 8 years ago! - a good evening with a very competent and helpful judge (I thought), some might say 'well she would say that'!!

October Competition Results

Themed - Abstract
1st Martin Cumper - Shapes in the Sky
2nd Polly Knowles - Curls and Swirls
3rd Peter Elliston - Ouroboros
HC Polly Knowles - Two Birds Perhaps
HC Diane Rowe - Winter Magic
HC Chris Mowthorpe - Beach Lines
HC Nick Farnham - Over the Top
TT Tony Gemmell - Dandy Lines
TT Martin Cumper - Eyes on the Wall
TT Nick Farnham - A Little Bit of London

1st Huw Thomas - Decorating Break
2nd Peter Elliston - Tim
3rd Polly Knowles - In Their Own Worlds
HC Peter Elliston - Bringing Up Baby
HC Chris Mowthorpe - Deep in Thought
HC Polly Knowles - Pink Blush Roses in a Vase
TT Diane Rowe - Star of Bethlehem
TT Huw Thomas - Impressionistic Winter Blooms
TT Rachel Carter - Artic Tern
TT Rachel Carter - Number 97 Chasing Hard

Congratulations to Polly who had all 4 of her images placed in the Top Ten.

Next week is a Zoom meeting, the is speaker is Kevin Pigney, as on the website, but the title of the talk is now ' How I process my wildlife images'. This follows on from his previous talk ' A passion for wildlife'. He is an excellent and most interesting speaker, and his pictures are fabulous.

As usual, I will send out the Zoom link at the weekend.

The following week, back in the Rugby Club to hear me and a couple of others. I will be showing some image I've enjoyed taking/making this year. (Comments/heckling welcome!).

On 29 November is the first of this year's 'Challenges'. We would like members to show us and talk briefly about some of their images on the theme 'Inside Historical Buildings'. It's a great chance for us all to get to know each other and the sort of images we enjoy taking. Diane asked that as many as possible should bring in up to 6 images on a stick. This is not a competition and is completely non-judgemental and is usually interesting and good fun!

As always, a big thank you to the ladies who provided the tea/coffee. Unfortunately, not everyone remembered to bring their own mugs! If you do forget, we can lend you one, on the understanding that it is your responsibility to wash the mug and bring it back clean to the 'coffee box'. The 'coffee/tea ladies' are not there to clean up after anyone!! Thank you - Rant over!!

Have a good week - the sun is shining, I'm going to see if I can find some 'Autumn colours'!!