Dulverton battle


Last night saw our annual battle against Dulverton, this year at Wellington, judged by Mac Chivers from Bideford.

Dulverton put up a splendid fight!! Especially as the club only has 7 members, 5 of whom came Wellington from the depths of Exmoor (none actually live in Dulverton!). We did beat them but that is hardly the point of the evening, it is a friendly competition and a chance to see the work of members of another club. It is also a chance to eat cake!!

The final result was Wellington 399 Dulverton 371. We were able to show the work of 16 different members, which was wonderful. Wellington took the top 3 places - well done to Lynne and Diane and all the HC and Cs.

1st Lynne Thomas - Langdale Sheep
2nd Diane Rowe - Jon with Bible
3rd Lynne Thomas - Backstreets of Rome

The full results with individual marks will soon be on the website - thanks Paul. The marking was a little strange at times and had some of us a little bemused!! But nonetheless - a great result with some wonderful images. Well done also to the selection committee for obviously picking the right images!!

Link for the full results, later in the day when Paul has had a chance to put them on the website.

It was a packed room and thanks go to many people for making it happen and run (relatively) smoothly!! Firstly Huw did a great job with the presentation, the interim results made it easier to follow and increased the tension!! - Thank you Huw.

Thanks to the equipment and techy guys for help with setting up, the microphone worked for most of the time!

Cakes are an important feature of our Dulverton Battles!! We had enough cake to feed an army!! Huge thanks to those who supplied some. I may not be able to name everyone who supplied them! But thanks from all of us to Fiona who as always supplied us with a fantastic selection of her home baked cakes, as always she remembered us gluten free people as well. Huge thanks to Fiona.

Also thanks to Tony G who came with a huge carrier bag of cakes, Paul C who had baked for us and anyone else who I didn't know about.

Lastly I think - thanks to Rachel who supplied teas and coffees for a room full of people, I would have had a panic attack!!

And finally thanks to everyone for attending and to those who helped clear up and tidy up afterwards!! A good evening.

Next week we are home again at the Rugby Club, for the WCPF Travelling Exhibition, a chance to look at and comment on some of the images that were accepted or this WCPF event of 2023.

Next week is also the final send in/hand in date for the March competition - a pdi event - 'Leading Lines' and the usual open. Full instruction on the website.