Roger Stevens: 'Bexley Audio Visual Group'


What a fantastic evening we had last night, so much more interesting than I, for one, was expecting!! Roger Stevens from Bexley Audio Visual Group presented a very professional showing of 12 AVs by 6 different authors. They were very varied in topic and style but not in quality! Amazing photography put together to tell great stories; they brought on every emotion. Some were very amusing, some poignant and sad, some informative and some just beautiful to watch! The mood was enhanced by great music and fitting sound tracks, also some beautiful speaking voices. Roger told us he'd be pleased to return with another 'show' - something to look forward to - perhaps?

It's a shame that our viewing numbers were down and we were a bit thin on the ground. It was a really good and interesting evening that some of you missed.

Thanks to Peter for his work behind the scenes for insuring that the evening ran smoothly - it went without a hitch!!

Dennis Knowles from Tiverton CC reminded us that the WCPF AV competition is being held on April 6th, over zoom at Woodbury Village Hall or it will be possible to watch over zoom, I'm sure the link and further details will be made available later. Here's the link for further info WCPF AV Competition 2024

Next week is Competition night! We are back at the Rugby Club for 'Leading Lines' and Open Competition, I'm looking forward to seeing how the theme is interpreted, I didn't find it easy!!

I hope you're impressed that I'm sending this at about 7am!! Off out on a Street Photography Workshop all day!!