House of Cards and LRPS presentations

To replace the tips and tricks evening, we had presentations from mPeter Elliston, Andy Mayson and Diane Rowe.
Peter showed his playing card project - which involved re-designing the court cards, aces and jokers of playing cards. He showed how an efficient use of a catalogue in Lightroom could provide a basis for finding images which would suit any project brief.
On a saner note, Andy Mayson showed us his excellent LRPS panel. Andy is a relatively new member of the club but not new to photography and that was evident in the quality of his images and his prints. His panel of 10 images contained wild life images, people shots and moody landscapes which held together well as a panel. It was interesting to hear of Andy's journey towards this award and the advice he was given along the way. But as he said, after having a lot of advice on which images to put in there came a time when he just had to make his own decision. I'm sure that several other club members who have put in for similar awards would concur with that!
Diane followed on with a demonstration of how to achieve perfectly flat print images on mounts - maybe the print competition next month will show that we have taken her tips on board.