February Competition

The club held its February competition evening recently - Digital images with the theme of 'Wet' and 'Open'.
The judge was Mac Bouchere from Teignmouth
The theme of the competition was 'Wet' and there were 44 entries.
This was a tough competition to both enter and judge. In some ways it was pretty easy because it has indeed been very wet everywhere. But Mac made some telling points about how even though it was pretty obvious that many of the images featured things or people or places that were wet, it was another thing to create a competitive image. Images that would do well would be those that in Mac's words 'stunned the judge or, at the very least made him want to look at the image again'. His comments highlighted where each image did or didn't do that. And whilst a different judge will see images differently, it is true that something different or a different interpretation of a common image will stand a better chance of an award or being held back.
The results were as follows:
1st Rachel Carter - for 'Fun in the fountain' with a delightful shot of a young boy enjoying getting a soaking in a street fountain
2nd Polly Knowles for 'Too close for comfort' - a great shot of three approaching hippos and one with a very evil eye
3rd Frank Colebrooke for 'Trapped by the tide' - a shot of a wide open beach and a tiny group of people traversing it
Highly Commended went to -Frank Colebrooke ''Charming!! Certainly Not', Rachel Carter 'Defying Gravity', Paul Carter 'Number 29 in the wet',Polly Knowles 'Pink Umbrella',Steve Wilcox 'Soggy Doggy'
Also held back were Steve Wilcox 'A beacon to bring them home',Brian Tobin 'Raindrops'

In the Open Section there were 20 entries and the results were:
1st Rachel Carter for 'Kestrel with vole' - which was exactly that. Mac thought it a wonderful documentary nature image
2nd Peter Elliston for 'Tea break' - an Indian seller enjoying a break from selling his fruit and veg
3rd Polly Knowles for 'Precision and accuracy ' - an image of the hands of sign writer applying paint to his design
Highly Commended went to Nick Farnham 'Common blue' and 'Toad',Steve Wilcox 'Dunster',Barbara Wilcox 'Moraine Lake'
Also held back were Paul Carter''Aurora',Martin Cumper 'Reflection', Valerie Hoar 'Together'