Welcome back!

It was good to see so many people for the informal get together last evening using Zoom. 16 people managed to join the meeting, it was also a chance for members to 'meet up' and also get to know how to navigate their way through the Zoom windows, and feel more comfortable using it.

We welcomed Debbie back to the club and this meeting from the depths of Peckham and were also pleased to welcome Huw, a new member from the depths of Milverton!! Ron and Max made a great double act!!

We saw Frank, but whether he saw us, we didn't find out! Peter E is going to make sure the experience is a better one for Frank next time!! Daphne was with us but without video and audio but still managed to give us some gardening tips!

Peter firstly welcomed everyone and we all gave the group a quick rundown on what we had been doing in the past few months and how we were coping. Gardening, decorating, walking, wheeling and dealing and making things seemed amongst the ways members had been passing the time and keeping busy. Oh and barbequeing!! Derek has been busy with a new rotisserie!! Paul reported that his eye op had gone well and hoped to 'see' an improvement over the coming months which is the best news. A few had even been taking photos and improving their photoshop skills!

At one time the meeting turned into Gardeners' Question Time, with the best time to dig potatoes and what to do if tomatoes didn't ripen being discussed.

We were reminded of the AGM next week (August 19) which will be conducted over Zoom, a link will be sent out to all members before the meeting. If anyone is having problems or is reluctant to try to use Zoom, PLEASE contact Peter E or Paul who are both very proficient and will guide anyone through the process. We would really like to see as many people as possible join us for the AGM. There are some important issues to discuss and suggestions to put to the Club, chiefly concerning how we are going to manage and run the Club in the coming months. We would appreciate members' input.

We realise how important the social contact is to many people and keeping in touch via Zoom is certainly a good substitute for physical meetings.

We are going to hold an informal competition on August 26 to ease us gently back into photography and also so that Steve, the new Competition Secretary, and the others who will be running/judging the competition can have a 'dummy run' before we have an external judge. Steve will send out details in the next few days.

Anyone who is on Facebook is urged to join the Club's page, it is a good fun way of keeping in touch. So if you are on Facebook or considering joining, send an email to Paul and he will invite to join.

All things considered, it was a successful first get together over Zoom and it was great to catch up with some members who we hadn't seen for months!