WCPF Members’ Exhibition: Nature and Travel Sections Reviewed

Last night was such an enjoyable evening! Over 20 members joined us for a Zoom meeting looking at two sections of the accepted entries to the WCPF Members’ Exhibition. The Club was due to see the printed images last March, but we all know what happened next!

It was decided to leave everyone’s audio on, so that we could all join in, which worked very well in the main, although there was an annoying echo/feedback/background noise. This highlighted the need for absolute quiet if the audience’s audio is on; no background conversation, coughing etc!

Paul led the first section on Nature Prints. He was able to give interesting background information on locations, techniques and the wildlife. involved etc and pointed out his personal favourites. We saw some amazing images which left some of us in wonderment and awe! It was great to see so many of Rachel's and Paul's images included in the accepted images, they are a talented pair!

After a worrying (for me) few minutes when I managed to encounter a technical glitch, it was then my turn to lead the discussion on the digital Travel images. Big thanks to Paul and the tech team for sorting me out!! We saw images from all round the world, but the favourite location was certainly the Far East. The audience joined in with discussions on cropping out stray feet, half men etc. It was very interesting when the audience was able to give us background information. We saw some really great images from some amazing places. It left me wondering if and when we'll be able to see the world again - enough of that!!

At the end we had a chat and it was evident how much members were enjoying our electronic meetings and how much they helped us to feel connected.