Graham Harries: Chernobyl 32 Years Later

Well!! What a fascinating and poignant talk we were treated to last night . It was great to see so many members taking part and beginning to master the technology, there was one nervous moment when the speaker disappeared from our screens but thankfully he returned!

Graham Harries showed us some great images from an event in History that most of us will never forget - the Chernobyl Explosion of 1986. Photography is not all about pretty images but plays an important part in documenting history. Graham certainly showed us some a thought provoking images. They were often stark and compelling, images of amongst other things, abandoned dolls, several disintegrating pianos, rooms full of gas masks and decaying buildings and vehicles. And loads of dogs who had to be abandoned and have formed a pack, living with the help of the 3000 workers who are still employed there in de-commissioning the remaining 3 reactors.

We were shown a town that the inhabitants (40,000 of them) had walked out of with literally a few minutes notice and never returned, except for about 100 of them who are living within the exclusion zone regardless. They are becoming a tourist attraction in themselves!.

A fascinating slice of history, I think we all learnt something. His images can be viewed on his website GPhotography.