Terry Hewitt: All About Lightroom

Last night's speaker, Terry Hewitt comes from 'up North", I can't remember exactly where! He was obviously a great fan of Lightroom and knows a lot about it! It must be difficult to know where to pitch a presentation and what speed to go at when the audience has a wide range of knowledge. I guess it will have been too much for some and not enough for others. Even so, I expect he demonstrated some features that even experience users didn't know about.

He was very brave to do a live presentation! It mainly went very well with the occasional blip! He went through many but certainly not all Lightroom's features, we would have been there all night, possibly all week!!

He mentioned 'the lightroom queen' - here is the link to the free downloads (You can also find this link, permanently, on our links page).

I think everyone who uses Lightroom will have taken something away from the talk, I'm going to have a go at using it more!!