Peter Elliston: 'A Year of Lockdown Photography’

Peter Elliston took us on a journey through his own personal lockdown, talking about the stages he and his photography went through to keep busy, entertained and stimulated. I'm sure most of us could identify with at least some of what he went through. He told us in a very entertaining way how many of his images had been produced in the past year.

There were some older images reworked, some new techniques he has learnt and some wonderful 'people' images. For these he enlisted the help of some willing neighbours. (I can't help wondering if there is something in the water in that part of Staplehay that affects one's sanity). With the help of Paddy the brain surgeon they managed to give Quebec the scarecrow a brain. There were some wonderful images of Piran in his forge (he knew how to pose!) making swords (or was it daggers!!). Our very own Max at home, with his faithful dog Tas, and a maritime gentleman playing with model boats in a stream with a teddy bear - I kid you not!! Oh, and a fabulous selfie which was accepted for the PAGB Lockdown Archive - well done Peter.

Joking aside we were treated to some great images and some that were perhaps more 'experimental'. There was a section using his new lightbox, of floral images, less typical of Peter but some great images. Peter mentioned Harold Davis 'Lightbox Photography in 3 Dimensions' for those interested.

All in all a very interesting and fun talk, some wonderful images and I think Peter's sanity is intact at the moment!!