Photo Challenge: 'Tools of the Trade'

Last night was a Club night when we showed and talked about our own images on the subject 'Tools of the Trade'. Thirteen members had submitted images, which was wonderful. It was so interesting to see and hear members talk about the images they had chosen. There were some really fascinating moments, from the history of the ventilator, to tug boats on the Thames, tools in sheds, people at work, and someone working in the kitchen of Hampton Court - who Daphne knew and was on first name terms with!! People talked about their hobbies, stuff of interest they had come upon and stuff they used on a daily basis. There were some great images, some very interesting ones, funny ones but all had a message! There were plenty of lobster pots!!

It was as near to a face to face as you could get over Zoom; lots of chat, laughter and banter, and good humour! The time flew past and I think everyone enjoyed it and took part. I look forward to the next such event.