Barbie Lindsay: 'A Byte of Barbie'

Last night we were entertained by Barbie Lindsay, a very well respected and qualified photographer from Ipswich. She showed us a huge number of her images on the widest range of subjects imaginable, I don't think there was a genre she didn't show us. All her images had an amazing clarity and many showed a very large depth of field. She seemed to have wonderful images in all types, from landscape to street etc etc. Her images showed her imagination and if she couldn't shoot exactly what she had in her mind, she would alter the image to suit what was in her mind. She seemed able to create award winning images from any photo!!

She is much braver than me when taking people images! She has a range of answers ready in her head if anyone challenges her when taking photos, and could wangle her way into just about anywhere!! She gave some great ideas for self portraits, and her imagination seems endless! It was an entertaining talk with some images of great quality - truly something for everyone!!