March Competition

Last night was our last competition of the year 20/21 (and what a year it's been!!). The themed section was images on the subject of 'Intimate' and the usual Open section. Margaret Hocking from Truro, who was an experienced judge who (I thought) made sensible comments. I suppose it's impossible to make comments without one or two being wrong but on the whole a fair judge - IMHO!!

Peter E's wonderful image of two of our members - Max and Taz won the Open with a memorable image - congratulations to Peter and the models!!

Results for the Open and Themed sections are in the key [765572] doesn't existCompetition Winners gallery as are the the full results of the key [1414373] doesn't existLeague tables for the season. It's great to see so many names on the list. Thank you to Steve for choosing the tie breaker that you did! I'd have been more than happy to share the honour with him.

In the Open Section the first 3 places were:
1st Rachel Carter (41 pts),
2nd Neil Harris (33pts),
3rd Polly Knowles (33 pts).

In the Theme Section the first 3 places were
1st Steve Wilcox (46 pts),
2nd Nick Farnham (31 pts),
3rd equal Huw Thomas and Polly Knowles (27 pts).

Overall, there was a tie for top points but the number of competition wins in the season was used as a tie-breaker;
1st Polly Knowles (60 pts and 4 wins),
2nd Steve Wilcox (60 pts and 0 wins),
3rd Peter Elliston (52 pts).

Well done to all who entered and it was really good to see a range of people winning high awards throughout the season which testifies the strength we have in the club!