Photo Challenge #1: From a Low Angle

Last night we had a very interesting evening looking at images fitting the challenge 'From a Low Angle'. Eleven members showed their images and talked about them. A wide range of images were shown and, considering few of us have been travelling for the past million years (or that's what it feels like!!), they came from varying parts of the world. And we even had a two attendees from the Bahamas!! There was no need for them to go on about the temperature outside or how warm the sea was though!!

It is always interesting to hear members talk about their images and why and how they were taken. A big thanks to Martin, who in the face of adversity (internet cable dug up by road workmen!), organised things so that it all ran smoothly and without any glitches and made Peter E's job (who stepped in to run things) easier. Well done and thanks to you both!!